It is kimono rental and work clothes – MIYABI in Nara

MIYABI is a shop of the rental kimono which can enjoy world heritage Nara with a kimono figure. Because all is a set, it is simple and is available to overall accessory not to mention dressing.

TEL:0742-23-6901 日本語

Regular holiday of 2016

Because a shop holiday of January was fixed at the New Year, I will tell you.
January, 2016 rest
From 11 to 14 .21 days .28 days
Because you are assigned to special business for 1.2.3 day in January and receive a 1,000 yen additional charge, approve it.

About the reservation of the kimono for rent

Hello This is MIYABI.
It is a kimono rental, but a reservation is full and declines a rental until April 15.
After April 16, there is a space a little.
Thank you.

News of the temporary suspension of business

Thank you for our store the use every time.
For kimono dressing room remodeling, I am closed as follows in the temporariness of the service.
I am absent from a kimono rental for three days of 25.26.27 day in February, 2014.
(the store retail is open for .27 days on 26th.)
On Tuesday, February 25, I take a rest with store sale, the kimono rental for opening of a store preparations.
Because I do business as usual from Friday on 28th, I wait for a visit.

Uneme Festival 9/19

There is a rare backward Shinto shrine with a torii as a back in the northwest corner of the Sarusawa Pond. This is court waitress Shrine; according to “Yamato story” “a court waitress (job title of a court lady working as the waitperson of the emperor in a Seraglio) who served an emperor in the Nara era grieved over the favor of the emperor having declined, and built a company to the willow of the by a pond of the Sarusawa pond because credit died by drowning with clothes to cheer up the soul”. However, the court waitress did a company backward during single night if I watched the pond where I cast oneself if unbearable. It is told with “. There is a flower fan dedication line from 5:00 p.m., and, a Miss furrow having you participate from flower how to use a fan and sister city Koriyama-shi, Fukushima dressed in the ceremonial dress which got on a flower fan of more than 2m decorated with the seven flowers of autumn beautifully and dozens of children taking part in a festive procession, court-cow-carriage crest, Miss Nara parades around the city in Tenbyo era clothes.

MIYABI opened


It is MIYABI doing kimono rental business for a tourist in Nara.
Fascinating kimonos match classic cityscape very well.
The rental fee is very low with 3,150 yen … in full set, too.