It is kimono rental and work clothes – MIYABI in Nara

MIYABI is a shop of the rental kimono which can enjoy world heritage Nara with a kimono figure. Because all is a set, it is simple and is available to overall accessory not to mention dressing.

TEL:0742-23-6901 日本語
I do not understand Japanese. Is there the person understanding English?
Yes. Please ask willingly if I may not understand it
How long does it take the time for dressing?
In time for dressing, it is approximately around 20 minutes. The yukata plan is approximately 15 minutes both.
Is there the thing to prepare?
No, there is not the thing having you prepare. Because it is set, the thing necessary for all plans please come to the store as clothes willingly.
Do you want to choose the kimono in various ways?
Because a color or a handle prepare a lot in MIYABI. you can choose a thing to like. In addition, you can enjoy a combination because the obi prepares in various ways.
Do you want you to set the hair?
I do the set of the hair for a fee. I take the reservation of the neighboring hair salon if I can hear about the full-scale set beforehand.
Would you keep bags during the use?
You can enjoy sightseeing slowly easily without having big baggage in a thing (except valuables) of which I keep the baggage of the visitor with responsibility, and does it.
The kimono is the first time, but is not hard?
It is the kimono which is apt to be thought to be more painful than clothes, but I dress you not to be painful as possible and have a favorable reception from a visitor of the use.
Is the credit card usable?
Various credit cards such as JCB, AMEX, VISA, MC, UFJ, AEON, KC, Rakuten are available. The payment with the wallet mobile phone is available, too. (ID)
Do you want you to send the product which you bought?
The national delivery is popular, too. Specifically, please ask the staff.
But I do not do the shipment to the foreign countries
In addition, the question inquiry is simple at the following, and please contact it.

TEL 0742-23-6901