It is kimono rental and work clothes – MIYABI in Nara

MIYABI is a shop of the rental kimono which can enjoy world heritage Nara with a kimono figure. Because all is a set, it is simple and is available to overall accessory not to mention dressing.

TEL:0742-23-6901 日本語

MIYABI is a shop selling the making of memory and the arrival at traditional relaxation "SAMUE" of the trip in Japan by a kimono rental of world heritage Nara.

You only come in everyday wear and, on dressing, can fully enjoy Nara with a kimono figure.
And it is there immediately on foot to a famous sightseeing spot including Naramachi, Sarusawa Pond of the tourist attraction and Kofuku-ji Temple, Todai-ji Temple. The kimono fashion full of the romance becomes the memory of a splendid trip in ancient city Nara and will be a thing.
As for the rental plan of MIYABI, the full set rental with the kimono + obi + underwear + tabi + sandals + accessory gets the dressing, too.
In addition, when you like it at time, I borrow it and can enjoy it because it is full-time to be able to return freely without minding time.




Cloth is strong and flips water, and the persimmon juice dyeing is good to the bag with insecticide effects. The simple texture, hue of the nature dyeing that nature produces is finished to a product letting you feel the warmth that you want to use just every day. Because it is abundant, look at the variation by all means



The work clothes are the clothing which they wore when they perform cleaning and the wood-splitting that are the part of the ascetic practices of the Buddhist priest of the temple. While the atmosphere of the sum is plentiful, there is not the angularity like a kimono. It is OK even if I make work clothes even if I make a house coat even if I do it to street clothes. Anyway, please enjoy it freely. When I am simple and am easy to use it, extreme popularity is just an up-and-coming product.